How to Make A Clicker for Dog Training

Clickers are available in different shapes and colors and are sold in online and offline shops. It is also a pleasure to let you know how to make a clicker in the comfort of our home.

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Clicker training is a method of efficiently teaching your dog good behavior, tricks and commands while offering a reward in the form of praise or a treat.

This method of training dogs involves the giving of a command, the use of a clicker when the command is obeyed and then followed by the offering of a reward.

The purpose of a clicker in dog training is to make a distinctive sound whenever a dog makes a good move, showcases a good behavior, successfully carries out a command or performs a trick. It is used to replace a finger snap, a tongue snap or even praise.

This is because if a cue word like “good” is used to reinforce good behavior and treats are given afterward, the dog might start expecting treats whenever it hears these cue words in conversations.

Also, reproducing a distinct sound using the fingers, lips or tongue could be a task, especially at frequent training sessions. Therefore, a clicker is an important part of positive reinforcement and obedience training.

How Do You Train A Dog Using A Clicker?

Dog training using a clicker is one of the various ways to train a dog. It is a positive and reward system that gets the dog to associate the click sound with a treat.

The click tells the dog that he has successfully carried out good behavior and is about to be rewarded.

The dog, therefore, tries to repeat the behavior that brought about the click and the treat. This leads to the establishment of that good behavior and the adoption of new ones as they get rewarded.

The click helps dog owners or trainers to be clear about what they want from the dog. It also helps the dog to build a relationship with the parent and trainer.

The click is precise, timely, and is followed by a treat and is suitable for dog shows, agility training and trick shows too.

Clickers are not used only for dogs. They can also be used for cats, mice, horses, and even rabbits.

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How to Make A Clicker at Home

VIDEO: How To Make A Clicker At Home

This video explains how you can make your own dog training clicker using materials that can be easily found at home.

A clicker is just used because it produces a specific sound which the dog might not hear all the time, unlike whistles and cue words that can be used in conversations.

Commercial clickers are not expensive, but it will be a pleasure to produce one at home and include them in your DIY achievements.

There are three ways you can make a clicker at home

  • Using a flashlight
  • Using the lid of a jar
  • Using a soda can

How to Make A Clicker Using A Flashlight

The material needed is a flashlight with a clickable “on” button.

Step 1

The flashlight that can be used to make a clicker must have a power button that makes a click sound when pressed. The buttons are usually made of rubber and are located at the tail of the flashlight.

If the power button of the flashlight does not make a click sound, then it is not fit for making the dog clicker and won’t work.

Step 2

Turn the connecting part of the flashlight to unscrew the seam. Then remove the batteries from it and screw the connecting parts together.

Step 3

Gently press the power button of the flashlight to create the click sound. Once the click sound is made by the flashlight, quickly release the button. Do not press the button and hold it down for too long.

How to Make A Clicker Using the Jar Lid

Materials needed are a hammer or a screwdriver and jar lid.

Step 1

Get a small jar lid that is raised and can be pressed down. Jar lids with a safety button are the most suitable. Safety buttons are the areas in the lid of a jar that pops up when the jar is opened.

This is used to show that the jar hasn’t been tampered with. Pick a lid that can comfortably fit into your palms and does not have sharp edges.

Step 2

Wash the jar lid thoroughly to remove any food particles attached to it. Then push out the safety button of the lid more to make it indented, using a hammer or the head of a screwdriver.

This can be achieved by holding the hammer or screwdriver head against the lid. The further out the lid is pressed, the louder the sound it will produce.

Step 3

Test the dog clicker and repeat step 2 again until the desired sound level is achieved. Continue pushing out the lid even though it becomes distorted.

How to Make A Clicker with Aluminum Can

Materials needed are a soda can, a pair of scissors, flexible plastic can lid and masking tape.

Step 1

Rinse an empty aluminum soda can with plenty of water and allow it to dry. Then cut the soda can open using scissors.

Discard the top and the bottom. Be careful because the aluminum can have sharp edges that could give you a cut.

Step 2

Cut out a square from the can. Fold the tip of each corner to touch the middle of the square. This will create a crease on the aluminum square strip.

Step 3

Use masking tape to hold the opposite sides to a flexible plastic jar lid. The curve made by the strip should be protruded from the plastic lid. The curved center should be able to pop back up when pressed. It should also make a pop sound when it is pushed down.

Other Devices That Can Be Used As A Clicker